What is Septrionism?

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It is a mystical-philosophical doctrine that gives the man of our time a new cosmo-vision of the Universe, as well as the causes of the social, political and psychological tribulations of humanity. It was founded by Brothers Claudio J. Cedeño Araujo and his wife Placy Gonzalez de Cedeño, in the city of Iquitos on September 21, 1968. The source of knowledge that gave birth to Septrionism, is the spiritual world, and its existence as a doctrine obeys an astral planning that set out to reveal to Messengers, the ideas, rules, approaches and foundations that present us with a coherence of moral and religious values ​​with science. Septrionism is a doctrine that interprets GOD as EON OF ETERNAL INTELLIGENCE, not as a being but as a set of energies that govern the universal laws, by Cosmogonic functions. Triptiseptinonimiciales. Divulges the laws of opposing duality of nature; of Opposition; of Transformation; of Transmutation; of Causality.


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